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Motivational Educator &
Upcoming Author: The Healthy Living  Process 
Muamer was a very interactive and knowledgeable individual. He was able to keep our youth group interested in the topic being presented and well informed about different healthy eating methods, as well as alternatives to their current diet. Muamer was able to make the youth realize the choices that they were making in regards to their diet and exercise can be changed in order to positively impact their lives. The best part of his presentation was the commonality and familiarity that Muamer gave to the group; everyone realized that he overcame something that many people struggle with and were able to put themselves in his shoes during the presentation. It was great to hear a voice of someone who has “been there, done that” to show the group that there is nothing that you cannot overcome as long as you are informed and willing to make the change. Thanks Muamer!

Oshawa Mary Street YMCA
  1. Managing Director
Muamer is an excellent speaker who has the ability to share his story to inspire others. Through his stories of triumph and resilience he motivates others to address their surroundings and their part in the process of creating change. He leaves people feeling inspired to take action and create change.

Broadening Horizons
When I saw Muamer melt his weight off, I was inspired to lose weight too. I wasn't getting the results I wanted. After speaking with Muamer, he changed my life. He shared his secrets and inspired me to lose my weight. I am almost 40 and I have lost over 150 lbs. Thanks Muamer for motivating me to lose weight and changing my life. I am living the healthy life.

D. R.

When I meet Muamer, I have lost about 45 lbs. I almost gave up and I wanted to go back to my old habits because I thought I wouldn't be able to continue. After speaking with Muamer, he motivated me to continue losing weight. As a result, I lost additional 50lbs. If he can motivate me at 54 years old; I am sure he can motivate you at your age. Thanks Muamer.


Hey Muamer, I'm finally taking care of my health cause of you. Just signed up to boxing. Now, it’s time to take care of my diet.