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Motivational Educator &
Upcoming Author: The Healthy Living  Process 

If I can lose over 300 lbs; you can lose 10, 50 or 100 lbs.

Ask Your-Self: Why should I live a life I don't want to when I can live the life I deserve?  

Are YOU looking to lose 5, 10, 50, 100, OR even 300 LBS? 

Is your SCHOOL looking to MOTIVATE & EDUCATE your STUDENTS on The Healthy Living Process

I was almost 500 lbs when I was only 20 and I thought I was going to die young. I could barely move from the couch where I played video games and ate junk food. By the time I turned 22, I had lost OVER 300 lbs and continue to keep it off for over 5 years now! 

My mission in life is to prevent people from becoming obese and going down the same path I've been on. It is such a waste of life. I believe in LOSSING & MAINTAINING WEIGHT, HAVING FUN, ENJOYING LIFE, & ACHIEVING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL IN LIFE.

Let's embark on this journey together!
GET MOTIVATED show in Toronto with John Morgan a.k.a @BushGuy and James M Smith a.k.a @jamessmithm1957
What I Moto-Educate On
  1. Meal Planning & Food Groups
    I love eating food and I am sure you do too. I will teach you how to love the food you eat while staying healthy and fit. My goal is to help you build a strong foundation for meal planning and in time, you will be able to do it on your own. Mainly, you will be able to customize a plan to fit with your busy schedule.
  2. Achieving Your Full Potential
    Ever since we were kids we had dreams. Whether becoming a doctor, lawyer, or superman. It doesn't matter what it is; it is your dream. Why not achieve it when you can? I will help you reach your full potential while losing weight and /or maintaining it.
  3. Exercise
    I will share my secret tips and the reasons why you should do it too. You will want to keep on doing it without burning out.
  4. Health Issues
    It's a good thing we have doctors. But it's even better if we don't have to pay them a visit constantly. Taking care of your mental and physical health should be your priority. I will help you do this.
  5. Motivating your Weight-loss
    Losing weight is one part of the process. Maintaining the results is another. Achieving both is what I will help you with.
  6. Stress & Confidence
    Life is a stock market with ups and downs. I will teach you that it doesn't have to be. With stress, we over think and lose our confidence. I will help you gain confidence and own your body so that you can start enjoying your life.